What to Expect While Parasailing

Being suspended 800 feet above the clear, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico below is an experience unlike any other, and parasailing is the only way to do it. Destin, Florida, is one of the most popular spots in the country to soar through the sky while easily spotting dolphins, schools of fish, and miles of white sand beaches. Throw your fears to the wind; we have all the information you need in order to feel confident and safe on this aerial adventure.

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    1) Is parasailing safe?

Yes! At Wet-N-Wild, we have certified Coast Guard boats that will take you and a small group of others a safe distance away from the shore before calling you, one by one, to the deck of the boat where you’ll be put in a secure life jacket and harness. The straps will fit you comfortably in a seated position.

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   2)   Are there any restrictions to Parasailing?

Children as young as six years old are able to kick the sky with an accompanied adult, along with anyone over 12 years old! (Even Grandma will love it!) The minimum weight to fly is 50 pounds and the max is about 450. You’ll need no prior experience to parasail; no training or practice is required!

   3)   How do you take off and land?

Some companies take off from the beach; however, at Wet-N-Wild, we have a platform on the back of all our boats for easy lift-off and landing. Once our captains reach their designated launch point off the coast, the boat will come to a complete stop and the crew will inflate the parachute behind the boat. This is when we take you individually and fit your harness. When everyone is prepared and in a sitting position, the parachute will slowly begin lifting in the air and gently pull you up until you’re floating high above the Destin skyline.

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  4)   Will I get wet?

        With the exception of some ocean spray on the boat ride that may not be suitable for non-waterproof technology, you’ll only get wet if you want to. We do recommend adding some excitement to your experience by being gently lowered to splash your feet in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico while you’re parasailing! (For your safety, getting dipped during high wind conditions may not be feasible.)  

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If you’re ready to grab your friends and family for a fun afternoon with unforgettable views and priceless photo ops, book with Wet-N-Wild Watersports during your next trip to Destin. For any other questions or concerns, give us a call at 850-243-2628 or reach out to us on Facebook.


Kristen Marzonie